USA Football
Parent/Guardian/Player Information

Player/Family Commitment: NGFB players and coaches commit a great deal to make a successful team. It is important that the family and player be able to commit to the following:

  1. One Message: Support your coaches. NGFB is a learning experience for your child. It is important that they hear a consistent message from both the coaches and the parents. If your child is struggling, upset or in disagreement with some aspect of the how things are being handled, talk to the coach first to get the full story and feedback. If you are not happy with the result you may escalate the discussion to the NGFB-Board Coaches Committee,

  2. Do Not Miss Practice: If a player is late or missing, it hurts the team. Only miss practice for a very good reason. Missing practices for tryouts, vacations etc. could have a detrimental effect on your child's ability to get playing time in a game.
  3. Be on Time: Being on time is a key learning tool for NGFB and an important aspect of team commitment and chemistry. IF YOU BELIEVE GETTING TO AND FROM PRACTICES/GAMES WILL BE AN ISSUE PLEASE TALK WITH YOUR COACH OR NGFB REPRESENTATIVE. RIDES CAN BE ARRANGED IF PLANNED AHEAD OF TIME.

  4. Rules: NGFB has a strict no drugs/alcohol/tobacco use policy. One offense and the player will be ineligible for the balance of that season. Maintaining a C grade average in school is also a requirement.

Coaches Contact Information: Your coaches contact information will be posted on the NGFB website based your child's team assignment.

Pre-Season Conditioning: It is highly recommended that each player begin workouts on their own prior to the beginning of football season. Although kids may be active playing baseball, swimming, etc. during the summer it is unlikely they will be properly prepared for the beginning of football training. The key areas to focus on in pre-season workouts are:

  • Conditioning. Each player should begin running one month prior to the beginning of practice. This will build their cardiovascular system to support the rigors of a long football game and will make their first 2 weeks of football much easier. This can be accomplished by doing a good stretch, and 1-2 mile runs. The breakdown of the pre-season workout can be found on the NGFB website beginning in July 1.

  • Skill Building: Get a football and start playing with it… If playing any position there is reason to begin playing with a football. The coaches may also switch you to a different position based on the needs of the team and their evaluation of your abilities. So, centers practice hiking/long snapping, receivers/ running backs play lots of catch, quarterbacks throw a lot, punters, and kickers….. kick. It is also important to practice properly. It is counterproductive to practice incorrectly. It will reinforce improper technique. Please contact: or your coaches if you would like to discuss techniques

Practice Locations: Practices will be held at the St. Clair Field at 265 Oneida St. Cross streets are St. Clair Avenue and Oneida Street. The St. Clair Rec Center phone number is 651-298-5730. Any changes to the practice schedules will be communicated through email.

NGFB.NET Website: The NGFB website is designed to be the single source of information for parents, players, coaches and anyone interested in NGFB. Once a player has completed registration they will be given a "member login ID". This login will give the parent/player the access to:

  • · Update their personal information: phone, email, etc.
  • · Have access to the team playbook
  • · Have access to the USA Football personal sites

USA Football: NGFB is affiliated with the USA football for all grades. USA Football is the Youth Football outreach of the National Football League. USAF provides coaches training, instruction, safety information and assistance to NGFB. As members of NGFB all parents and players are automatically part of USAF and can access USAF member sites using their NGFB login at

Volunteer Coordinators for Post Season Parties: It is tradition to have a post season party for each team. NGFB will be providing Davanni's pizzas for these parties. If you would like to be the coordinator for your team please contact your team's coach or email

Equipment: Below are the requirements for each player by grade. Go to the equipment page for more information:


Equipment Needed Parent

Provided by NGFB

10U, 11U and 12U

  1. Helmet
  2. Shoulder Pads
  3. Mouthpiece
  4. Spikes
  5. Pants and pads for pants
  6. Water bottle with name clearly on it
  7. Practice jersey - old large jersey/shirt that will fit over shoulder pads

Game jersey- Coaches may allow jersey to be worn for practice

7th/8th Grade

  1. Shoulder Pads
  2. Mouthpiece
  3. Spikes
  4. Practice pants and pads for pants
  5. Water bottle with name clearly on it
  6. Practice jersey - old large jersey/shirt that will fit over shoulder pads
  7. Other hand, elbow pads as needed

  1. Helmet
  2. Game jersey
  3. Game pants (these are NOT to be used for practice)

Players/Parents will be notified when the equipment distribution day

If you have difficulty providing any piece of equipment for your child please contact or call 612.290.5733 for assistance.